That's Who We Are

About Us

MEXX THE COOKING SCHOOL offers a morning, half day and a vegetarian/ vegan practical hands – on course,
that have been created for EVERYONE.

The Cooking School combines a stunning location showcasing Balinese & traditional Indonesian foods to suit all tastes.
We aspire to provide a high quality service and an experience that you will never forget.

Travel trough the world of Balinese & Indonesian cooking and learn a beautiful, healthy menu cooked with fresh ingredients, perfect for any season.
Think of gorgeous, delicious, exotic, fragrant, fresh herb flavored dishes with sweet & sour flavors to delight your family and friends.
A perfect class to learn how to have a memorable and beautiful party which guaranteed will spice up your Dinner at your home.
All our recipes are easy to follow, exact and well described. This makes each recipe easy to cook and you to have success all times.
We are committed to our location and our instructors are only housewives from our small village and nearby. Our commitment will also ensure you an ultimate Balinese cooking experience.

Our philosophy regarding preparing and cooking food in our class is simple.
We believe a hand – on training in the kitchen is the best way to learn how to cook